I’ve been sleeping with my father since I was 14years old and I can’t love any other man again. 

I am Tinuke Ajenufuja. I hail from Ekiti state where I have two elder brothers and one elder sister. 

My father is Mr. Samuel Ajenufuja. I love going out with my father and taking a bath with my father. 

One faithful day, my father and I went for an outing. On getting home back, we couldn’t meet my mum and my elder ones at home. 

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That’s where it all started. My father said he wants to go and have his birth. I told him we should bath together which he agreed on. 

On getting to the bathroom, I touched my father d…k with the hope that he would hit my hand but he doesn’t. 

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The next thing I could see is my father’s body arouse. He slept with me inside the bathroom. 

Ever since then, my father and I enjoy sleeping with each other. 

It has gotten to stage that my mother is now disturbing me to bring my fiancee. 

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She doesn’t know I don’t have a fiancee coz I enjoyed sleeping with my father. 

My father is my fiancee. 

How would I tell my mother that my father is my fiancee? 

Please come to my rescue. What can I do?


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