Things student need to do during this period of covid 19 by Tofunmi Folorusho.

Welcome to another Episode of “Folzy Crib” with Tofunmi Cynthia Folorusho.

As student putting GOD first in anything we are doing should be our priority and our anthem because without GOD In what we are doing that particular thing can’t be successful and that is applicable to this period of corona virus that we are in.
However Student’s are encouraged to take the following Measures.

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*Student are expected to pray to GOD against the pandemic for it to end

  • Student are expected to read their books and not to play with all their time.

    *Student should ensure they should find something creative doing this time.
    *Student should ensure they keep in touch with daily news.
    *Student should ensure that they are useful at home.
    *Student should then ensure they use nose mask and hand gloves for the prevention of this pandemic
    *Student should ensure they sanitize their hands and wash well every 20_30 minutes a day.
    *Student should ensure they maintain social distancing
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Stay Tuned for next episode,i Remain oluwatofunmi Folorusho Cynthia.

#Stay Safe


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