Take your time,Think about your future!

Age does not matter when you start thinking about your future. Most especially student you don't need to wait to a particular age before you start thinking about your future.

However, teens from the age of 13-17 years are still expected to be I the secondary school and for some of them whose education are fast might be in University or awaiting admission.
For student in the aspect of awaiting admission should not waste their time by staying at home without doing anything forming what is not ,they should start doing something useful or learning trade or any other handwork like sewing, catering and all sort .
During this period they should have at least gain a lot of things but must importantly this 3 things :
1: Knowledge about what you have learnt
2: Experience is the best Teacher.
3: Cultivate saving habit,don’t spend all,save!
Nigeria has a country, education is not what you depend on .. you should at least support it with something in case it doesn’t work out,basically I’m not saying education is not important but it not the only key to success but also a key means to been Successful.

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