Episode 3
LIZA: Good morning Brenda!
Liza greeted announcing her presence in her advertising company.
BRENDA: Ah, good morning maam, happy new week, how was your weeken…
LIZA: My schedule please
BRENDA: Oh okay ma, (Flipping her jotter oprn while walking her boss along the corridor leading to her office) Firstly, you have a meeting scheduled for 10:00am with Zik foods, they just signed a new deal with another celebrity and I think they want him to model for their product advert that we’re handling.
LIZA: Okay, what else, what about Sylvester, has he manager reached back to us?
BRENDA: No ma, he hasn’t, and That’d be all for today.
LIZA: ( Stops abruptly and faced her with a sharp face) That’d be all? today is Monday are you kidding me, today is f*cking Monday and you’re here telling me I practically have nothing to do? Brenda please I’m not in for jokes, I wouldn’t want to pass my aggression on…
JORDAN: You don’t have to pass your aggression on the poor lady, you can just vent it all on me, I’ll take it ( smiling broadly)

LIZA’s Pov continues…
Oh that bstard, that son of a bitch how dare he smile at me? wait!!! Jordan had all of my schedule canceled?

LIZA: You made her do this right?
JORDAN: Babe we should talk, we really need to and you know so.
LIZA: Jord, i have nothing to say to you, so please if you do not mind get your ass out of this premises now! How didn’t I even your car at the Lot?
JORDAN: I know I’m the least person you really wanna see now but, babe…
BRENDA: Uhmmm… I should go now ma
LIZA: Hey! fix back all I have to do today, it Monday, money day, and I can’t help to be less productive on a day like this. Do you understand me? She said with a straight face facing her secretary, Angel written all over her face.
BRENDA: Yes ma, I’ll do that.
she said and left hurriedly.
LIZA: What do you want from me?
JORDAN: You! Liza you and all of you.
LIZA: (Scoffs) Young man cut straight to the chase and get the h*ell out of my face, I can’t have you ruin my Monday of all days.
JORDAN: Can we at least go into your office? your employees shouldn’t really be seeing us this way, please!
LIZA: I’ll spare you a minute ( walking away)
JORDAN: I’ll take the whole day Liz
LIZA: (almost screaming) Then get out of my workplace.
JORDAN:1 I’ll use it Judiciously, relax hun

JORDAN’s pov
She’s said all about me uhn, yeah, i did all she said i did, but i’m not proud i did all those either. Liza is a woman every man would want, Beautiful, hardworking, productive, respectful, jovial, and all, I know she’s too good for me, i know she deserves a better man, but damn! Ain’t ready to let this angel in a mortal body leave me, I still have more goodies to explore and enjoy with her(evil chuckles) bad? yeah, that’s we men for you( hahahaha) I did It again, Liz caught Me in bed with her neigbour! not good enough? yeah, that’s why i’m here to sort things out with her. Break up?? oh definitely not? I came to beg as usual, and I’m sure she ready to accept me, cause she loves me??.

JORDAN: Babe I’m sorry, I really do not have any explanation for what I did but I’m sorry.
LIZA: That’s all you gotta say? cool, you can leave now.
JORDAN: (Frowns slightly) Babe I’m not leaving, I took the off for you, just for you, so there’s no way I’m leaving without solving this.
LIZA: It’s 09:27am, i have a meeting by 10:00am, I have to prepare, so please lea…
JORDAN: I’ll wait
LIZA: What?!
JORDAN: Waiting is my specialty, I’ll wait till you’re done.
LIZA: Suit yourself young man ( opens her laptop which was right I front of her on her desk after balancing herself on her chair to start her duties)
Jordan made himself comfortable on the other chair casting his full gaze on her angry face admiring her beauty.

12:00pm Same day❤
Liza Saw Zik foods officials out to their car all smiling, one could tell the meeting outcome was good, good enough to make her forget about her boyfriend.
LIZA: So, whenever your muse is ready, we are also ready to film sir
MR SMITH: Yes, and you should make sure our advert becomes the talk of the town, the content is nice so we shouldn’t have no problem?
LIZA: Oh we definitely wouldn’t Mr.Smith? it’s nice having you around once again.

Smith slams the car door and zoomed off with the other officials.

LIZA: ( Back in her office building) Brenda! cancel my other appointments please
she said while walking towards the corridor.
BRENDA: But ma! Sylvester agreed to meet today!
LIZA: (Stops amd turned back) He what?

SYLVESTER: Sylvester? that’s my name you calling miss!

LIZA’s pov
NO! this isn’t happening right?
wait! I have the popular Sylvester agree to meeting with me and he also walked into my damn office with his two legs!!

Worker 1: It is really Sylvester!
worker2: Jesus I’m definitely getting an autograph today!!
SYLVESTER: ( approached Liza while his boys stayed behind) you are really one beautiful girl ma’am Liza;

JORDAN: (from behind) and that beautiful girl, is mine sir!
Jordan retorted with a stern face.

Who is Sylvester?



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