Episode 4

LIZA’s pov continues
You’ve been wondering who Sylvester is right?
Sylvester is one of the biggest entertainer here in Lagos. He’s got the look, the vibe, the eyes, the money, what else? But rumors have It that that thissame Sylvester is a Casanova, a womanizer, a woman beater, and many other illicit acts of his that are enough to ruin his career.
Instead of his love to keep decreasing in the heart of the people of Lagos, it keeps increasing, which is why a company personally requested and paid extra charges adding that they were comfortable with anytime He (Sylvester) choses to models for their new product image advert that my company is in charge of.
My employees and I have placed several calls to his manager requesting his presence to strike this deal with him. And now, the almighty Sylvester has come to my office, unannounced?
Who am I not to be thankful?‍♂️

SYLVESTER: Well I must confess you damn lucky to have her, but, I feel like she must like me or something, she’s been gawking at me the whole time?
LIZA: (Brought back to her senses) Ermm, I am so sorry ( smiling brightly) it came as a shock, I wasn’t expected it, i mean, your manager didn’t mention you’d be visiting us and I…
SYLVESTER: I asked him not to, can we go to the meeting room now?
LIZA: Oh yea, sure please, follow me.

Both left with Sylvester’s bodyguards ignoring Jordan’s presence.

(Back in Liza’s apartment 4:45pm)
LIZA: Oooof!!! I am so tired! It been a very long day?
She retires into the nearest available cushion staring at the roof.
She was able to get Sylvester sign the deal on a condition, that she goes on a date with him which she agreed, This is work.
Jordan didn’t let her be until she finally forgave him and give their love another chance.
After such day, sje deserves some good rest, infact, good food, but she’s too tired to start cooking, so she opted for cereal and milk for dinner.

Same day 6:37pm
Liza was in the bathroom running a cold bath when she heard her phone ring from the bedroom, hurriedly she washed her face to go see who the caller was.
Guess who??

LIZA: Why is this guy calling me?
She drops her phone and turned back to go continue her bath then her phone rang again, same person?
SYLVESTER: Ma’am, what took you so long?
LIZA: I’m sorry I was in the shower.
SYLVESTER: Oh! Sounds nice. Uhmm… I’d love to have my dinner date with you tonight..
LIZA: What? You didn’t tell me it was gon be today?
SYLVESTER: Yeah, I have to travel tomorrow and come back before next week so we can have your photo shoot session,
LIZA: Geez!
SYLVESTER: So please send me your house address, I’ll come pick you.
LIZA: Wait you… He hanged up already. This guy is rude oo! Ahn! Which kain wahala naa??




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