Episode 5

Exactly 8:30 pm, Sylvester pulled up in front of Liza’s house.
SYLVESTER: I’m right in front of the house you described your majesty, please come out.

I asked Liza out on a dinner date cause I liked what I saw the moment i set my eyes on her, and for some particular reasons I can’t fathom, I feel attracted to her.
I saw her smiling brightly earlier in her office, but there seems to be some kind of pain behind her beautiful smile, I saw her boyfriend claim he was her man, but I didn’t see Liza reciprocate. I felt guilty on the spot, I felt sorry for all the ladies I’ve played games with, this guy in Liza’s life is no difference from me but I feel Liza is worth more than she’s getting, so i decided to be her friend, how can I get close and closer to her if I don’t make use of the chance I have to stand before this beaut (work)?
I pulled up in front of her house and asked that she comes out. Few minutes later I saw her approaching in all her glory, in my head I could hear that angels of heaven singing Hallelujah! My mouth dropped at what i saw. Her dressing was simple, yet magnificent.
She had a black long gown sown with a kind of a shining material on her, no make up at all, a golden bag and heel, I don’t know how to describe the rest, but what I saw is unimaginable.
I got out of my car to help her with the door.

LIZA: You really dont have to do that??
SYLVESTER: That would be so unreasonable angel,
LIZA: Angel?
SYLVESTER: Despite my sins, God has granted me this huge grace yo see an angel before I die ? you are so beautiful! Beyond words!
LIZA: (Smiles and hopped into the car while he joined) You sabi flatter person you know?
SYLVESTER: You speak pidgin?
LIZA: ?? who doesn’t these days?
SYLVESTER: Wow! I’m marveled you know, All I’ve been hearing you speak is English in your British accent! I didn’t know you could speak the street language?
LIZA: C’mon it’s not like its a big achievement or something now??
SYLVESTER: Then I must confess, your pidgin accent is funny uhn, just stick to your normal English or any otherlanguage? pidgin isn’t for you??
LIZA: Getout jhurr????

LIZA’s pov
It’s quite funny I’m getting along really well with a big celebrity? Our trip to the restaurant he booked a table for us wasn’t boring at all, in no time, I knew his family members, his mother, siblings, his favorite who turns out to be very stubborn, we gisted, laughed, sang, teased, until we finally got there.
He parked well in the available space and made to come down from the car when I pulled him back.
LIZA: You sure you’ll be fine? There are so many people around, you might get some photos clicked by hidden paparazzis, SYLVESTER GOT ANOTHER WOMAN you sure don’t want to wake up to seeing that on the net tomorrow??
SYLVESTER: (Chuckles and clears his throat) I’ll be fine, and you’re not my woman are you? Though for the night you are, and I don’t even mind you being my woman, so i don’t care, c’mon let’s go?
LIZA: You’re being silly??

LIZA’s Pov continues
He laughed heartily and came to my side to open the door for me, omo, trust me, I had my heads up in the sky, I’m on a date with one of Lagos biggest celebrity? who dey zuzu??
I got down elegantly and wrapped my arms around his as well made for the entrance.
The restaurant was a big classy restaurant located in the heart of Lagos, I’ve heard about their dishes and I’ve always wanted to come by and grab a bite, and the good Lord brought me this opportunity?.
Just as we were about going in, I sighted a couple coming towards the exit, the guy’s appearance reminded me of Jordan which finally reminded me that he hasn’t called since he left my office.
I held Sylvester down wanting to confirm my doubt, and guess what? It was really Jordan!
LIZA: Oh shit!
SYLVESTER: Your boyfriend????




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