Episode 7

Sylvester drove Liza back to her home in silence, it was obvious she was pained by Jordan’s act, someone she loves with all of her, someone she’s willing to neglect all of bad deeds and focus only on the future with.
Sylvester helped her down his car while she led the way into her apartment, without saying a word. She opened her door and walked inside, slumped into the nearest seat where she determined to cry her eyes out and forget all about who bears Jordan.

Sylvester:(searches for the light switch and switched on the light) Hey! are you okay?

Liza: (No answer)

Sylvester: See, you should just brace up, guys like him doesn’t deserve you, you’re way too cool for…

Liza: (cuts in) 6 years, 6 good years of my life I dedicated to him, I gave him all of me, my love, my life, my heart,soul and body. And in exchange, all I get from him is this? ( in tears)

Sylvester: (speechless) I uhmm, you…. You just have to be strong regardless, I really do not know how to…

Liza’s POV
Maybe I haven’t really had the time or chance to asses Sylvester very well, but right now, even in my distress, he was a shiny star, damn hot cute guy.
I watched him trying to console me and I found myself smiling at this fine man before me.
He was busy with his words when he caught me smiling, then he stopped talking, looked back as if what was making me smile was right behind him.
I stood up from where I was sitting, took a few steps to where he was, rolled my eyeballs and bit my lips, I grabbed him softly by his collars, “Hey”! He called, but I refuse to hear him out. I brought his head closer to me and delved right into his lips, I reached out for his hands and placed them on my round buttocks, he seems to wanna try and stop me but how on earth would you resist such a beaut like me? He helped me with my zip and I helped with his buckle, reached out for my bra, releasing my big watermelons pressing really hard on his chest. This time already we found ourselves a suitable cushion to satisfy our urges, he is damn good with the fore play! Touching all necessary areas, the smooch, sucking, arrghhh and the rest is a history. Yes! Say all you want, currently I’m far from being sane, I’ve lost it, and all I care about now, is to satisfy me and that’s on periodtttt??.

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