Episode 8

Next morning

Sylvester woke up the next morning and found himself on Liza’s bed, of course he needed no one to explain his escapade with Liza, he kind of felt bad within him that he took advantage of Liza’s emotional state, but on another side, Liza wanted it and it happened somehow.
He opened his eyes gradually expecting to see Liza’s face, but she was gone, there was no sound coming from the bathroom and no sign of her at all.
He dragged himself out of bed to get his clothes, then it occurred to him that hus clothes would be in the sitting room. He had no other choice than to go the sitting room to get his clothes.Just as he
emerged from the bed room, he collided with Liza who had probably been standing since God knows when by the door with his clothes, she dumped them in his face and stylishling walked out again, refusing to maintain eye contact.
Sylvester smiled at what just happened between them, he went back into the room to get changed so he could leave Liza’s apartment.

Liza: You might wanna eat breakfast with me.
She announced when she finally found the liver to talk to him.

Sylvester: u… I .. U hmm… Good… Good mornin… See… I didn….

Liza: hey! No(smiles dryly) we’re both matured okay? We’re grown up let’s act like one. Nothing happened, and if something really did happen, I consented to it, so if you have any thoughts within you, that you probably took advantage of me, just, get it off you already hmm??

Sylvester casted a shocking gaze at her, “what manner if girl are you” he asked within himself.

Sylvester: let’s be friends, great ones?
He said and stretched out his hand for an handshake while Liza took the handshake too all smiling.

After that day, Sylvester had few issues with the media cause his picture was clicked at the scene and his car plate number also, his manager sorted it out just like he had and he was back on track again. His frienship with Liza kept waxing stronger everyday , a day wouldn’t go buy without him dropping multiple texts that would make Liza laugh so hard, they call, chat, and text like crazy, within just few days, Liza forgot about Jordan.

One month after the incidence and Liza’s break up, Sylvester had his shoot for the commercial advert that actually brought him and Liza together. After the shoot, he told Liza he needed to leave the country, he has series of concerts to do here and there abroad and no matter how much he’d really like to stay back, his career is calling for him, so he has to go.
It came as a blow to Liza but she had no choice than to let him go. After he left, He became unreachable, his social media messages were delivering but he wouldn’t reply any. Worried, angry, pissed, Liza kept trying to reach him yet, to no avail, all her effort proved abortive, she then decided to leave him alone, since she tried all her best already. She prayed earnestly that God would protect him, wherever he was.

Two weeks later❤️?❤️?
Liza started feeling funny, she wasn’t the type that sleeps so much, but she started sleeping, at every given chances, Liza would sleep, she kept on vomiting, added weight, her breasts got bigger, then she chose to visit the doctor, who confirmed to her that she was 6 weeks gone (Pregnant)??




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