Episode 9
In a well furnished spinster’s apartment, a two bedroom flat, frames and painting are hunged on the wall complimenting the sitting room wall paint. A hip song was blaring from the tv set while Kemi was pacing up and down restlessly.
Kemi: Now what do we do about this pregnancy? Cause Liz you’re not saying anything, I can’t bw a godmother to a fatherless child!

Liza’s POV continues
That was kemi, remember her? Yeah one of my friends, we served at the same state too.
I had no one else i could tell about my pregnancy news, I don’t even know if it’s a good or a bad news. I mean, it was once, my s*x escapade with Syl was once, why didn’t I even know before he left? How do I locate him? Where’s his family? Who do I know with him here in Lagos? I’ve met few of his friends but none of us has been able to reach either him or his manager. That is not even my problem! We had fun! Unprotected! I caused it? yeah! But now i am pregnant! We should tke responsibilities like adults. Lost in all these thoughts, I heard something “fatherless” from Kemi.

Liza: Kemi my child is not fatherless!

Kemi: then who??? The last time I checked you ended things with that bastard! Don’t tell me you didn’t know you were pregnant before he did what he did???

Liza: Kemi please, o thought you’d be of comfort, I have lots in my head right now and these questions you’re rushing me with wouldn’t solve or provide the baby’s father. At least seat down and hear me out, ( tears welling up in her eyes)

Kemi: Eei? Liz calm down , I’m just being this way cause I don’t know??‍♀️ pregnancy just doesn’t jump on someone, and you dont look taken, who’s the father? I know if you had someone to break the news to, the father, I wouldn’t be the first to hear this, so baby bring me out of the dark.
Jordan is out of your life and you’re pregnant, for who??

Liza: Sylvester Judge?

Kemi: Where dah one dey? him still dey follow celeb bear name? wher…

Liza: it’s the same Sylvester Kemi

Liza replied while Kemi’s jaw dropped.

Kemi: is the baby kicking already? I don’t understand, is the baby affec….

Liza: (cuts her short almost screaming) the baby is not affecting me! I know what I’m saying, I am sure! Jordan and I had issues, lots of issues and for months we didn’t do anything sexual, it was just a night! Just one night Kemi,the night everything between Jordan and I ended (now sobbing)

Liza explained how the whole drama happened, and in the end, they resorted to Liza keeping the pregnancy even though Sylvester is nowhere to be found.




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