Between Rema and Ruger’s ‘Bounce’ which one is your favorite?

The two faces of one of the prominent record labels (Mavin Records) in Nigeria, Rema and Ruger has on several circumstances deployed their qualities via their peak.

This has convinced Nigerians and Africa as a whole that they are the best in their various genre.

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Also, we are extremely nailed by the proficiency they have got that is indistinguishably unique following how they sound the same via genre and rhythm.

Rema and Ruger have in the same year released a hit single titled “Bounce” which has best satisfied the good music crave in the hearts of the African music enthusiast. People are extremely in love with the sounds and at the same point comparing them via their nostalgias.

This is why we have developed this idea of comparison here also. Between Rema’s ‘Bounce‘ and Ruger’s ‘Bounce’ who do you think nailed it via their qualities?

Have a look at their Bounce hit singles below; 

Rema’s ‘Bounce’ 

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The Nigerian songwriter and singer who is known poorly as Divine Ikubor was signed to the Mavin record before Ruger. He never hesitated with his opportunity and deployed many hit songs to his record to an extent that he bagged multiple music awards in a few years.

The song ‘Bounce’ was released earlier in 2021 which won the hearts of many Nigerian music enthusiasts as they jammed to the beauty of the song.

It’s a song that describes the beauty of women most especially, the mysterious attraction of their butts to the opposite séx. Rema also endorsed the dilemma of twerking in the music video as heavily endowed sexy ladies were seen wiggling and flapping their assets.

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