COVID-19 cure Arrives Nigeria From Madagascar

COVID-19 cure Arrives Nigeria From Madagascar

President Buhari has received the coronavirus cure developed in Madagascar in the early hours of Today.

Samples of the solution were delivered to him by President Umaro Sissoco Embalo of Guinea Bissau who brought them along as part of the traditional medicine shared to African nations by the government of Madagascar.

The personal Assistant to the President on News media,Bashir said the president reiterated that his government will listen to science before allowing any medicine to be given to Nigerians.

He tweeted,

“President @MBuhari has received the Madagascan native formulation against the COVID–19 pandemic

“He reiterated that he will listen to science before allowing traditional or any new medicines to be administered on Nigerians.”

“We have our institutions, systems and processes in the country. Any such formulations should be sent to them for verification.

“ I will not put it to use without the endorsement of our institutions.”

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