Major bad toilet babit which are dangerous to human health

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Every one uses the bathroom in their homes, offices, marketplaces and churches. We are all responsible for our health after using the bathroom. Some of us have various toilet habits which are very bad for our health and may cause serious health detriment. Let delve into some of the bad habits we exhibit in the toilet which may cause serious illnesses

1. Keeping your toothbrush in the open is one of the bad habits which most people are guilty of when they use the bathroom. When you flush the toilet with the lid open, spray of water in the bowl and whatever else is sent into the air. This may transfer E. coli and other infection-causing bacteria into your body system when you use the toothbrush to clean your mouth.

2. Most times during frequent urination, skipping hand washing is inevitable. This act can cause you very serious illnesses like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and upset stomach. It’s advisable to always wash your hands after every use of the toilet to get off the germs and also to avoid these health issues.

3. Bringing your phone into the bathroom can cause serious health issue. There are tons of bacteria which seat on the sink of the bathroom when you put your phone on the counter in the bathroom it serves as a contact point for various germs. Contacting these disease causing germs may lead to vomitting, fevers, rash and stomach problems.

4. Sitting on the toilet seat for longer periods is a serious risk to your health. Most times we are carried away especially when we think of bothering issues in the toilet or when we chat and use our phones in the toilet. This bad habit can cause hemorrhoids also known as pile. This is characterized by bleeding, pain and itching. Therefore it’s advisable to spend less time in the bathroom and leave your phone in the room.

Everyone one way or the other is guilty on this issue of using the bathroom or toilet posing a risk to health. It’s important to note that the adherence to these health tips will help keep you free from the health hazards these bad toilet habits may cause you.

It’s vital to note that most people are one visitation away from having any of the aforementioned diseases which these bad habits may cause. Therefore, it’s important you SHARE this post by clicking the share button to keep the masses educated on these dangers and help build a healthy and better society.



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