Man kills his mother on Mother’s Day

In Chitipa, Malawi-A 29 year Old man,Elisha Kasila has hacked his own mother to death on a Mother’s Day in Chitipa.
Chitipa Police Station Spokesperson Gladwell Simwaka, said the man [Kasila] is mentally challenged; and because of the same, he has been forcing his mother, who just came back from Zambia, to sleep with him.
However, the mother, Edith Nakawala, had been turning down all the advances of the man.
During the early hours of Tuesday, the man tiptoed into the mother’s bedroom and tried to force himself on her.
As a result, the mother woke up and continued to turn him away. Because of that, he ended up beating and stabbing her five times with a knife until she became unconscious.
A post-mortem conducted at Chitipa District Hospital indicated that the woman died of severe loss of blood
The deceased Edith Nakawala, 59, haled from Kafwimbi Village in Isoka Province in Zambia

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