Naira Marley,Not a bad Influence to the Youth.


Naira Marley is popularly known all over Nigeria and abroad, some people know him through his music, some got to know him better after his EFCC arrest in 2019.
He created a group in 2019 that was generally accepted by the youth in 2019 that is Marlians which he later turned into a record label called Marlians Music. Many people refer to him as a bad influence because of his lifestyle which some youth are emulating.
He created Marlians in a view to gather people that love his music and lifestyle and he laid down some rules to safeguard the group.


  1. The day you declare your self as Marlians you must stop using belts, that way why they refer to them as “No Belt Gang” (NBG).
  2. They are all addicted to weed, that was why naira Marley was being named “Igbolabi” which means born to smoke.
  3. Marlians don’t go to school: despite all the rules he has never begged anyone to join the group which simply means the youth are calling themselves Marlians at their own risk.
    When he sang soapy immediately after his release from Kiri Kiri in Lagos they said he was promoting masturbation, some said that was what he does, Even if he is used to masturbation, he has never advised anyone to also go for it.
    That’s the only way he thought he can entertain his fans if you classify his songs as entertainment you won’t have anything to do with his sayings or lifestyle.

  4. “MARLIANS NO DEY GRADUATE”, but he schooled abroad.
    “MARLIANS DON’T USE BELT”, but he was spotted at a party with a T-shirt and trouser with suit looking responsible, although the group vowed to sue him yet nothing came up since then.
    Naira Marley is not a bad influence if you see everything he does as entertainment.

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