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Eric House announces Prize for 2022 Winner


Eric House announces Prize for 2022 Housemate

The Eric house, Double trouble edition is set to kick start, 7th, January 2022 with increment in cash prize and other prizes.

The show will last up to the 3rd, February 2022 with 20 House mates.

The last edition was the talk of the town when “RAYO” emerged winner.

Sir Eric, CEO of the mind blowing show has openly declared this year edition a plus to the last edition.

He added that the events comprises of more fun, more Educational perspectives and more loads of Anxiousness.

“This years edition is a different edition, more of what we did in our last edition”

“A bigger cash prize has been allocated, we still have 20 housemates and now we have more deals and more prizes to be won”

“Our last edition winner, would testify the money was credited immediately, our viewers get ready for more”, Sir Eric hinted.

Winner of the last Edition, RAYO, enjoyed the prizes won with lots of deals attached to the Crown.

“I won the last edition and i was credited my cash prize immediately, i advice you all to put in for the Show, i fully recommend Eric house”, RAYO said.

This year’s edition comes with the sum of 60000 cash price alongside various interviews, gift prizes and lots more.



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