He’s Got no Love for me – Tyson Fury


Tyson Fury alleged Deontay Wilder of not returning the “love and respect” aftermath of his victory.

Tyson fury retained his heavyweight championship against Fury after an 11th round knockout.
Fury said he went over to embrace his opponent afterward but was shut down.

“All the allegations that were made towards me … We fought like two warriors in there and I went over to shake his hand and say ‘well done’ and he was like ‘no, I don’t respect you’,” Fury said

“It was a great fight tonight, it was worth of any trilogy in the history of the sport,” Fury said. “I’m not going to make any excuses, Wilder is a top fighter.

“He gave me a real run for my money tonight. I’ve always said, I’m the best in the world and he’s the second best.

“he’s got no love for me, Deontay Wilder. Do you know why? Because I beat him three times. I’m a sportsman and I went over to him to show some love and respect – and he didn’t want to give it back.

“That’s his problem. I’ll pray for him that God will soften his heart.

“I just hope that he’s OK, he took a lot of punishment tonight,” Fury said



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