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Ido SWAGA holds meeting, Sen. Rilwan Akanbi Shows involvement with Rep




It was an amazing moment at about 3:45 pm today,19th December,2021 when the meeting kick started with an opening prayer and SWAGA’s anthem. As the leader of the group which was formally known as TCG was addressing the members of the group, an unknown elderly woman walked in and everybody thought she was invited as a new member.

As the meeting proceeded with SWAGA slogan and BAT mobilisation speech, the woman quietly went out of the meeting unnoticed. Few minutes later, she came in with a phone saying the national deputy chairman of SWAGA in person of Senator Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi wanted to address the gathering. It was a shocking moment as members of the group kept quiet keenly to listen to the grassroot mobiliser.

SOJ started his speech by appreciating everybody but Com. Seun Lanre Oketooto respectively and humbly informed the Senator that the members of the group were saying he should start his conversation with them in SWAGA’s terminology which is SWAGA! Vision! Passion! Action!

Joyfully, the Okanlomo of Ibadan land loudly chanted the slogan of SWAGA and continued with his speech. He appreciated the participants for them to believe in Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu and SWAGA.

The former Oyo South Senatorial representative stressed it that SWAGA is one and therefore, it can’t be attached to any group or individual. SWAGA is SWAGA! So, he instructed the group to rest the name of the group and use SWAGA all through either in their emblems or in their activities.

After the call, the woman collected the microphone and introduced herself as Alhaja Lawal, a former Oyo central Senatorial woman leader, from Egbeda local government. She said she intentionally came in as a spy to see what was really going on after the reactions that she saw on Oyo State SWAGA’s whas app group about the name TCG and SWAGA. She said she refused to introduce herself as the representative of the national deputy chairman of SWAGA because she wanted to know the reason why we were using TCG with SWAGA.

Alhaja Lawal, a former Oyo central Senatorial woman leader said this is the only voice that she has been hearing preaching SWAGA and Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu from Ido local government based on their activities so far.

Equally, she said for us to be using our money for banners, space rent, sound system and other logistics without anybody sponsoring us, then, it is visible to the blind that we’re ready for SWAGA.

She said she understands the politicking behind camps and leaders that made us to be using TCG but after seeing the large turn out for this meeting and the seal of the people to mobilise through different activities, it is time we stopped using TCG and start using Ido SWAGA.

She further said we need to reduce our cost of organising events by discussing with the national deputy chairman of SWAGA to speak with people that are in charge of Ido party house to be allowing us to do our programs there.

She also noted that we should bring women to the high table in our next SWAGA meeting so that there will gender balance. She concluded by promising to deliver our message to the national deputy chairman of SWAGA.

The chairman of the gathering collected the microphone and rounded off by saying we have series of events that have been outlined and they will be communicated to our members as events unfold.

He equally promised the representative of the deputy national chairman of SWAGA that from this moment, all our banners carrying TCG will be changed to Ido LG SWAGA alone strictly.

The meeting ended with closing prayer for the emergence of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria come 2023.



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