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Like APC, like PDP; The APC, PDP’s Kabiyesi Saga


By Abdullateef A. Fowewe

Indeed, both APC and PDP have been governing Nigerian since 1999, with the kabiyesi system.

Kabiyesi is Yoruba’s word, derived from “Ka bi o kosi” means nobody(we) dare not to question. That’s odds Nigerian President plays, he feels superior, big and powerful, he also feels they are beyond query,check and balance.

The Nigerian president is one of the most powerful being in power.
But in cases were the king is bigger than the people he Governs then there will be chaos . Main Reason behind the failed democracy drips with foul-smelling gesture.

Yes, this two parties are same cankerworms, they has amplified our national fault lines, they’ve created problems that never existed before and plunged the country (Nigeria) into unprecedented debt.

As PDP blaming APC for seven years insecurity and greedy, APC slut-shaming PDP of 16years insecurity and bad governed, with the attempt of this two parties, it’s obvious that we’re having same egg in different basket, same man in different cloth.

In terms of political leadership, PDP under Olusegun Obasanjo dragged the nation through the most lawless governance ever witnessed, with the president been the chief culprit for the instability of the three arms of government (Judiciary, legislature and executive). Moreover, we saw the Kabiyesi politics in Segun Obasanjo regime, variously venerated his days in power as unquestionably, he right at all times. Which some Nigerian perennial dogs of politics licked his pooh and awarded him (Obasanjo) as the Father of Modern Nigeria, after been massacred peoples politically and socially.
Who’s been fathering in Modern Nigeria? What made him as ‘Father of Modern Nigeria?Answer left to the nitwit awarded him.

Moreover, PDP’s regime, introduced Nigeria in to poverty. According to United Nation(UN), said; any person spent below 1$ per day, is a poverty streaky person, come to look at it, this poverty is the major factor oiling the wheels of violent crimes and terrorism, which the past PDP government seems helpless in addressing. Also, corruption common in public sector during PDP ruling time.

A damaging leadership crisis and paralysis has engulfed the APC. In just few years APC has treated and enlightened Nigerian to what political banditry is, nor looks like in public with various factions and counter -factions openly stabbing each in back, and all the selfish interests a few who are determined to steal power from under feet of outgoing president, and by implication, from Nigerian.

Furthermore, in same way APC tells us to daily sing its anthem for the dubious redemption it has given us. That is the full definition of Kabiyesi.

This same party called APC has hooked Nigerian with insecurity, petrol scarcity and hiked the amount of petrol, worsening economic problems, academics paralysis in Nigerian universities and epileptic power supply. It’s pitiable that, no one dare, to query, nor ask how things is going, talkless of having citizen opinion.

Indeed, we’ve tried cold and hot water(PDP/APC), but we gained nothing in return than failure and disappointed. And if care isn’t taking from now, we will even witness more worse than the one we’ve faced and the one we’re facing. There are many tactics, strategies on how the lost can find his way back home. Yes, we’re not too lost to walk ourselves out of this tragedy.



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