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Sowore attacked by Hoodlum In Abuja


Sahara Reporters Publisher, Omoyele Sowore, has been attacked by suspected hoodlums at the Federal High Court in Abuja on Thursday.

Sowore was denied access into the court by the security operatives and he stood outside while the Judgement was on.

He was speaking to the security men, when some boys numbering about 20 attacked him.

It was easy for the men to be notable at the scene as their appearance already showed they were miscreants.

While he was attacked the security agents kept quiet.
Immediately the suspected hoodlums descended on Sowore, slapping and punching him.

The security personnel later intervened after people are the venue shouted and lamented.

The hoodlums left after attacking sowere without being apprehended by the security agents

The members of the public then chased the hoodlums and asked that the security agents get them arrested.

Sowore speaking before the attack said: “A court room is not complete except people are there to witness proceedings. I want to sit right in front of the judge and witness it all.

“They have assured us that Kanu will get justice. He is my friend and I should be here. But the security agencies are still not allowing me in.”

After the situation with the hoodlums, the security operatives got hostile and attacked everyone including journalists.

They hit some reporters with sticks and pushed some.

Even after identifying themselves as journalists, they remained hostile and continued to threaten.

The actions of the security agents caused speculation that the hoodlums were backed by the government



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