(ASHIKS Crib) Latter Love Ep 6


Episode 6

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not a good guy, actually I am far from being a good guy?, I’ve done several things huge enough to ruin our relationship, made several mistakes in our relationship and apologized multipl?, Multiple? Countless times❗
How we still manage to remain in this relationship, I don’t know.
I apologized to her just today for sleeping with her neighbor, and just today again, presently, she caught me with another lady in a restaurant?.

LIZA: Jord? What the h*ll are you doing here?

ANNE: Isn’t this Sylvester??? My Gawddddd!!!! (Covering her opened mouth in awe) Jesus❗ this is awesome!
Can i get your autogr….

LIZA: Jordan who is this lady?
ANNE: (Turns to face Liza) I’m his girlfriend, I’d be meeting his parents soon too dearie☺️

LIZA: (shot an Anne a very deadly look as her madness finally finds it due time to be let loose) Abi this one is mad ni?( hands her purse over to Sylvester, removes her earings, and heels one after the other from her feet) moved closer to Anne and gave her a resounding slap across her face,
Sylvester sensing the kind of a mess he’d be in if their little scene manages to attract the attention of the people in and out of the restaurant more than it has grabbed Liza by her waist and lifted her on his shoulder like she was nothing but a piece of paper, she fought to release herself from Sylvester’s grip, but knowing what damage I might cost him, he held on to her tightly as he could, Jordan stood on a spot not knowing who to support, he was ashamed at the same time enjoying the scene of two women fighting over him.
Pained Anne couldn’t do anything rather than curse Liza on top of her voice which caught people’s attention to the scene. Her face was bleeding already due to the cut Liza’s ring gave her when she dashed her the slap.

LIZA: (on top of her voice) You!! ( referring to Jordan) I am so done with you!! Sylvester leave me the h*ll alone and let me teach this bitch and her man some lessons?? ohh!!! I’ve really been abused for so long and I shouldn’t let this last one goooo!! Sylvester drop me pleaseeeee, See!! If na una parle born you say ge sure for una, carry the next taxi u see after our car follow me! MTC!! I’ll feed you to my street dogs! I’ll strip you naked! I will so deal with you, you bloody Lagos bitch!

Coming here, asking Liza out on a dinner date, was a grave mistake afterall. All I wanted was a cool dinner with lots of waves from people and few autographs with my fans, but here I am carrying another’s man like a luggage, dragging her from a scene she created that could ruin my life if a single picture of me is clicked☹️
, that’s another scandal I’d have to use thousands of naira to clear off the air?.

SLYVESTER: (opens the car and drops her on the front seat) Liza, Liza, Liza, listen! Calm down! You’re worth more than this, you’re not worth this whole scene, you’re not worth this drama, you deserve better than this guy okay?
LIZA( Breathing heavily)
SYLVESTER: Take a deep breath hun, ignore him, ignore her, people are starting to gather over there, you’re putting me on the line too!! Just calm down! Okay?
LIZA: (Heavily) I’ve heard you, let’s go.

SYLVESTER: promise??

LIZA: ( Remained mute)
SYLVESTER: (Caught a flash light move swiftly across his face) oh shit!
He closes the door and locked with his car with the remote to avoid Liza who was looking like a lion about to bounce on his prey come down from the car ans ran with his hands over his face to tje driver’s side. He unlocks the car and hopped in quickly and zoomed off☹️


TBC tomorrow?‍♂️



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