Total summary?????

Liza decided to keep the pregnancy and take full responsibility since Sylvester disappeared into the thin air and his whereabouts was unknown to everybody.

Then on a fateful day, Liza was in her third trimesters already, she and Kemi her friend alongside Liza’s mother went out to a baby store to get everything the baby would be needing.

They were just about to leave when a young man with a face cap came into the supermarket, he looked all around and drooped his glance on Liza. He walked towards her and gave her a package which contains explaination on how Sylvester disappeared with no media intervention.
Remember the lady Liza slapped the night she broke up with Jordan?? Anne ❗Yes!

She’s a big sl*t well connected to the highest rank positioned persons in the country. Whe had kept her eyes on Liza and Sylvester since the last clash they had and worked her way around getting Sylvester locked up.

Why Sylvester hun??

She likes Sylvester, as a celebrity and more. Jordan wanted Liza back and She wanted Sylvester, their plan was to kidnap each other’s partner and keep away from the world so they can have them to themselves.

Unfortunately for her, she stepped on the wrong man’s foot one day which made every other politician turn against her, every support she received when she started her dirty mission came to an abrupt end.

Now it is left to Liza to deal with Anne and Jordan, call the police and them and have them release Syl who has been in bondage for almost 7months.

Sylvester was released and hospitalized, Liza announced to him that he was the father of her unborn child.
With love in his eyes, as a celebrity, he decided to make his come back by revealing the he’s love of his life he’s been dying to see?.

Right there in the hospital, due to all the stress Liza had gone through, she fell into a premature labour, Sylvester made orders on his best that the best doctors attends to her and make sure she has a safe delivery. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy who had Sylvester’s looks even in the incubator.

Sylvester got discharged, Liza and her baby also got discharged few weeks after.
The duo’s family decided to meet so the groom family could pay the bride price. The duo got married and their wedding was the talk of the town, Sylvester made sure Liza and her son gets everything they want, it was a dream come true for Liza, and just like her pastor had preached on a sunday about the glory of the latter house being more than the first, Her latter love life turned out to be one every lady would ever want.
She got her own man and husband, her peaceful home, her career was moving steadily, her life was just few steps away from being perfect.

Jordan and Anne?? They got 14years sentence imprisonment each.

Liza’s son name? ? Harnold❤️?

The end???❤️

I’m sorry it has to end this way, but these days av got lots of stuffs on me? multitasking ain’t really my thing I might just end up ruining everything. To some extent I hope you enjoyed the story??.
Thanks for stopping by to read??????

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