Grnnn? grnnnn? grnnn?
Wake up! wake up! it’s 6 a.m,
Wake up! wake up! it’s 6 a.m.
Wake up wake up at 6 a.m.
Wake up wake up it’s 6 a.m.
Wake up wake up it’s 6 a.m…
That was my alarm. I really
wish today could be another Saturday. I don’t think
I am fit enough to face the world after what I went through during the weekend, I caught my 6 years boyfriend with another woman on my bed in my apartment, sad? I know right.
Jordan has always been like that right from the onset of our relationship. He is a good liar, a big cheat, a sweet talker and lots more,that i can’t even say all,
but, you can’t deny the fact that he is good-looking. Jordan is a fine young man with an attractive lips, dark in complexion, oval face with a negro nose, cute pink small lips, curly hair, long eyelashes, fine brow and yes a cute dimple that pops out each time he talks or smile.
Oops! my bad, I didn’t introduce myself properly.
My name is Lisa Nelson, a graduate of the University of Lagos.
I am also a very fine woman, the prettiest in my faculty back then when I was in school. I had lots of guys flooding around me for my number, a date, a relationship or a one night together (smirks) nigeria men.
I am an averagely tall lady, curvy,Fair in complexion bountifully bursty and slightly heavy on the other side. I am the type of a girl you’ll call a full spec.
Back to Jordan Wilson, I met him during my service year in 2014 at Adamawa.
My daddy insisted on following me to the camp after I was posted to Adamawa from Lagos because of the insecurity in Nigeria. I am the only girl amongst all five kids and the last born, see why he insisted?
Jordan was there before I and my dad got there, he was busy flirting with ladies coming in and out of the campground when he noticed the presence of an angel, I mean me?. He kept his gaze on my face and boobs, almost tore me naked with his hungry eyes. I noticed that and hissed angrily at him though he didn’t hear me cause he was a bit distant from me.
I baded my dad goodbye and hunged my handbag over my shoulder and started dragging my box. I knew the box was due to be changed, I’ve had it since sss3 as a gift from my favorite aunt as a congratulatory gift on leaving secondary school.
My box kept squeaking as i dragged and secretly prayed it doesn’t dissapoint me in the midst of all these corpers, but then, guess what?
I was a few steps away from the fine devil when the handle I grabbed while dragging the box pulled out unannounced?. Few guys I ignored and walked past majestically swaying my hips as I was battling the box bursted out laughing ?at me and my box.
God!? God!? what sort of embarrassment is this now?? I prayed the ground should open and take away from all the embarrassment.
Then he came into the picture.
Jordan stood up from where he was and approached me, he greeted while I shunned him before my inner mind slapped some senses into my head within me.
“Liz! Liz! Liz!, how many times did u call you? this is no time for you to ignore or shun anybody, you need to leave this area now na” my inner mind preached.
JORDAN: Uhmm, i guess you don’t need my help (turned to leave)
INNER MIND :See voice, Liza if this guy should go, you haven’t seen anything, these people laughing at you will kukuma throw you stones.
LIZA: No I’m sorry please wait. I uhm, my box… I just arrived…
I ran out of words right before him and I hated myself for a while, (a whole me??)
JORDAN: (Smirks) it’s okay, you know. I’ll take you to the female quarters and you can have your broken box fixed there.
I shot him a deadly gaze which he noticed and revealed his white set of teeth which melted me before him again. I looked away from him and managed to mumble “thank you” as I got pissed at the mention of my broken box.
Ignoring the numerous looks we had on us, he picked up my box from the floor and asked that i help balance it on his shoulder. I was amazed such a fine man could do such a thing even all these ugly proud guys wouldn’t do for anything, Maybe this guy isn’t as bad as he seems?. Ladies around the scene kept throwing deadly stares enough to kill me on the same spot, within me I started feeling like a celebrity, felt proud I had a fine boy carry my luggage for me?.
KEMI: Lizaaaaaa?!!!
(now that’s one of my friends, craziest of them all) we were both posted to the same state for our NYSC but she got there earlier than I did and has been expecting my arrival.
KEMI: Ahn what kept you so long now? I’ve been calling your… Wait?, where did you see fine boy?
JORDAN: I guess I’ll see you around then.
He said and dropped my broken box? for me
LIZA:Thank you so much mister,
JORDAN: Jordan please.
KEMI: I’m Kemi ( all smiling)
LIZA: Liza, please, don’t mind her.
JORDAN : Oh! it fine, ill take my leave then…
And that was how I met Jordan Wilson.
How the two of us became couples over our stay in the camp is a history.

Episode 2 loading?‍♂️??



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