Episode 2?❤️
Back to the present (March 2020)
Dressed in a white short sleeve t-shirt which was half buttoned, revealing her juicy big balls cleavage on a well ironed peach trousers and a nude heels on her feet, complimenting her dressing was a nude bag which had Gucci brand symbol boldly placed on it. Her braids packed in a ponytail style, and a slight make up .
Liza stepped out of her car after parking in her space, after ensuring her car was locked, she made her way into her office to begin the day activities. Deep within her,she wanted Jordan out of her head, but the heartbreaking scene wouldn’t just stop replaying in her head.

(Flashback to Friday)
Stucked in lagos weekend traffic, even though she left her office quite early just to beat the traffic, here she is, waiting for a miracle to happen and clear the whole traffic or probably something would just carry her somehow out of the traffic, juju or no juju she needs to get out of the traffic somehow, her LOML was home waiting her.
It’s been a while since they saw each other last, both couple had demanding careers
none of them was willing to leave for the sake of their relationship.
Liza: What sort of traffic is this now? Lagos and her suffocating traffic this is just 3:39pm didn’t nobody go to work this blessed Friday?
Tired and hungry Liza looked out of her car window and decided to buy something to eat before she collapse behind the wheels. She called one of the hawkers on the main road and watched them all run towards her direction. She noticed a woman who had a baby strapped on her back neglecting her baby’s wails and cries and decided to patronize her.
Poor baby, poor woman she thought. Got herself a snack and a drink to wash it down, what else could she probably get in this traffic? Tipped the woman and her baby and begged that she find a good spot to breast feed the baby.
Finally, she found herself driving down the street of Magodo GRA heading straight down to her house, smiling and licking her lips as Jordan thoughts kept crossing her mind. Rocking her body and following the lyrics of the music coming from her car player, she started imagining how the night would be with her boo.
She imagined Jordan’s hand traveling down her body, delving his sweet moist lips into hers, unhooking her bra and flinging it to wherever it deems fit to hang on to, toying with her n*pples and navel with his wonder hands and giving her a good spank at the same time just as she loves while she moans into his ears licking his earlobes and reaching out for his manhood. She had a naughty smirk on her face as she got out of her car bitting her lips. All these was brought to an abrupt stop when she opened her door only to find Jordan’s clothes scattered all over the place. Her heart skipped a beat and her anger started building inside her. She dropped her bag on one of the couch in her sitting room and stormed into her room. Shocked at what she saw, Her own boyfriend, on her bed, in her apartment, with her neighbour.
She screamed shockingly and ran out of the house, entered her car and zoomed off o God knows where holding back her tears strongly.
She came to the house late at night and found the house empty, Jordan was gone, her neighbor was gone too, and since then up till this Monday morning, Jordan hasn’t found the right time yet to put a call through or apologize at least.





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